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  • Wide wavelength range 340 - 750nm for applications into the "UV" region.
  • Four interference filters supplied as standard that cover most common absorbance assays
  • Different measurement modes including single and dual wavelength and kinetics for a wide range of assays
  • Choice of various software packages
  • Additional wavelength filters from 340-750 nm can be purchased separately to allow more specialized assays to be performed
    Reading can be performed at timed intervals - ideal for kinetic assays
  • Optional temperature control for temperature sensitive assays
  • Handles multiple plate formats from 6 - 384 wells microplates
  • Linear and area scan capability


Wavelength range: 340 - 800 nm
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp
Optics: Filter
Detector: silicon photodiode
Microplate Formats: 6-384 wells
Channels: 1
Shaking: Yes
Heating rate: Optinal (25-45 degree)
Detection modes: Absorbance
Measurement modes: endpoint
well scanning