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The UVM 340 is the latest product which incorporates a Fastie-Ebert monochromator with a holographic grating for easy wavelength selection without the need for filters.

Any wavelength from 340 to 800 nm can be selected using one of the software packages that are available for this product. The UVM 340 is also very flexible when it comes to plate formats, taking advantage of the fact that this is a single channel instrument without the restrictions imposed by multi-channel systems.

Accuracy and reproducibility are excellent and if speed is important, the UVM 340 can measure a 96 well plate in just 25 seconds. There can be total confidence in the results too, since the UVM 340 calibrates and checks itself regularly and automatically.


  • PC-controlled monochromator-based microplate enabling readings from 340 - 800 nm
  • Flexible wavelength selection ideal for labs running a variety of assays
  • Optional software packages allowing flexible analytical requirements
  • QC plate and QC software for instrument validation ensuring peace of mind

Designed for labs running varied assays

The UVM 340 Microplate Reader is a PC-controlled microplate reader with the ability to read at any wavelength in 1nm increments between 340 and 800 nm in plates from 12 - 96 well. The UVM 340 Microplate Reader has 4 shaking modes for mixing of solutions and the ability to perform readings at timed intervals ideal for kinetic assays. The monochromator-based system allows wavescanning; multiple measurements at different wavelengths in the same well, important for contamination detection, sample purity analysis, optimal peak absorbance detection and product formation studies.

Flexibility in software choices to meet application requirements

The UVM 340 is supplied as standard with DigiRead which controls the instrument and collects raw data for transfer to Microsoft® Excel and with ScanPlus, PC software for wavescanning of single microplate wells.

Optional PC software packages

  • KIM is a data reduction package including end-point assay requirements for 96-well plates, and the ability to design bespoke reports
  • MikroWin 2000 is an advanced software option available in modules of increasing complexity and capability for quantitative, qualitative, and kinetic assays.


The UVM 340 is designed for ELISA's, enzyme immunoassays, protein quantitation (BCA, Lowry, Bradford), cell proliferation, and cell survival assays, plus cell-based assays where shaking is required to keep cells in suspension, enzyme kinetic assays, assays requiring wavescans or spectral scans, and assays measuring the changes in absorbance of NADH at 340nm.


Wavelength range: 340 - 800nm
Light source: Tungsten
Optics: monochromator
Detector: 2 silicon photodiodes, one for measurement and one for reference
Microplate Formats: 12, 24, 48 and 96 well plates (Standard version), 96 and 384 well plates (HD version)
Channels: 1
Reading Speed (96-well): 25s
Absorbance range: 0.000 - 3.700OD
Bandwidth: < 3nm
Detection modes: Absorbance
Measurement modes: Well scanning