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The THERMOstar is a high performance microplate incubator and orbital shaker which accommodates up to four microplates. The THERMOstar can be used for any enzyme or cell-based assays requiring uniform and strictly controlled incubation up to 56°C and effective mixing.

Temperature, shaking speed, and incubation time are fully programmable via the keypad, while the status parameters are displayed on the LCD in real time via an easy to use interface.

Microprocessor controlled heating plates above and below the microplates provide uniform temperature with less than 1.0°C variation between any two wells. This ensures outstanding and repeatable assay performance.


Temperature Control: Incubation range from ambient + 8° to 45°C (optional: 56°C) in 1°C steps
Temperature stability ± 0.2°C
Temperature gradient < 1.0°C across the plate
Set Point Time: < 20 min from 25 °C to 37°C
Shaking: 0.75 mm orbit radius
Shaking range from 120 to 700 rpm
Timed shaking (range from 0 to 18 h in 1s steps) or
Continuous shaking - no time limit
Plate Capacity: Up to 4 microplates
Max. microplate dimensions: 8.9 x 13.3 x 2.3 cm
Detection modes: High performance microplate shaker and incubator
Measurement modes: Heating plates above and below microplates
User definable parameters
Shakes and incubates four microplates simultaneously
Incubation up to 56 °C in 1 °C steps
Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity across the plate