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Proteomics laboratories that run 2D gels have invested a great deal (time, expertise and money) into producing the sample, running it on a gel, staining and imaging to identify their proteins of interest. Many customers will go no further than image analysis and searching external databases to identify their proteins of interest based on pI and mw.

However, at some point the scientist will need to identify the protein spot/feature of interest. This generally entails excising the protein spot from the gel, digesting with a protease (usually trypsin) and using MS or MS/MS mass spectrometry to identify the peptide fingerprint of the protein, or amino acid peptide sequence of one of the peptides. The mass spectra are then submitted to protein databases for identification.

Product nameuse
ProPrep LCProtein digestion
LC/MS sample preparation
IMA transfer plate

2D gel electrophoresis

Hoefer E2D Elite2D electrophoresis