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Protein Isolation

Protein purification is performed on many scales, from very small to production scale. In the portfolio of Isogen Life Science we focus on the small to medium purifications scale. This means purification via magnetic beads or via chromatography beads.

As proteins are so different there are many ways of purifying them, eg size, charge or tag dependant. Specifically in the magnetic beads there is a broad representation on possibilities for separation.

Product namesample volumepurifies
QuickPick™ DEAE kit for proteinsproteins (anion exchange)
QuickPick™ CM kit for proteinsproteins (cation exchange)
QuickPick™ IMAC (Plus) kit for proteinsproteins (histidine-tagged)
QuickPick&trade GST protein purification kits
HaloTag labeled beadsHaloTag tagged fusion proteins