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Custom DNA/RNA Oligonucleotides


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Unmodified Oligos

Unmodified DNA oligos are available as:

  • Salt Free oligos
  • PSF purification
  • HPLC purification
  • PAGE purification

Modified Oligos

Please check our most common modifications .Please inquire for additional modifications which may not be listed.

  • Dye Modifications
  • Non Fluorescent Modifications
  • Base, Sugar & Backbone Modifications

PCR oligos / qPCR probes

Isogen Life Science provides Specific Application Oligos to be used in standard PCR, cloning, gene synthesis, DNA sequencing, real-time PCR and RAPD applications.

  • PCR Oligos
  • qPCR Probes
  • RAPD 10mer kits

Further Services

  • Plate Oligos
  • RNA Oligos