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Isogen Spotlight December 2016

Nanodrop One, Christmas comes early this year!

Are there contaminants in your DNA, RNA or protein sample?

The latest Nanodrop, gold standard for nano-scale spectrophotometry, gives you more than just the concentration. From now on, you can detect common contaminants in your samples to determine immediately if they are suitable for your downstream application.

Still no dilutions needed: just pipette, measure and know! Contact us before Christmas for the special prices and surprise your colleagues with the must-have of the year: the Nanodrop One.

Special price guaranteed until December 31, 2016!
This offer is not valid in Spain

As mentioned previously, there is no guarantee that we can continue to supply replacement parts for the Nanodrop 1000. We will however continue to provide full support to all current users. Book the last guaranteed full service of your Nanodrop 1000 now.

Counting your cells manually? Keep on reading!

Reliable cell counting with 5 counts on one slide

Countstar Counting cells can have a large influence on your downstream applications. Manual counting is subject to interpretation errors and low standardisation among assessors, lowering your reproducibility. If you need fast, easy and consistent results, the Countstar cell counters are the instruments you are looking for!

Wide range compatibility: Countstar is applicable to cells with diameter between 2-180µm, like blood cells, mammalian cells, insect cells, algae and some planktons.

The Countstar Automatic Cell Counter uses microscopy with a unique fixed focus. Can complete accurate and reproducible cell counting in less than 20 seconds with just 10 µl of sample and provides you with:

  • Cell concentration
  • Viability
  • Diameter
  • Circularity
  • Aggregation rate
  • Picture of your cells,
    as well as automatically generating the cell growth curve and statistical charts.

< 5% CV inter-/intra-machine reproducibility

Easy and convenient: Get a reliable image within 20 seconds

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