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Special offer on pipettes and Smart Instruments

15% discount on Smart Instruments: centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, vortices, tube rollers and much much more.

15 % discount on pipettes. Stock up!

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Your own ECL imager within reach

Isogen Life Science offers you a Western blotting imager (ProXima 2850) for only € 11 990 including a free substrate kit.

Read more about the ProXima line of imaging systems.

Avaliable substrate kits
Product Product number unit size per kit price
WESTAR SUN XLS063.0250 2 x 125 mL € 90
WESTAR NOVA 2.0 XLS071.0250 2 x 125 mL € 105
WESTAR ETAC 2.0 XLS070,0250 2 x 125 mL € 140
WESTAR ETAC ULTRA 2.0 XLS075.0100 2 x 50 mL € 250
WESTAR SUPERNOVA XLS3.0100 2 x 50 mL € 300

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