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Increase your extraction yield twice

Have you always wanted to get a higher efficiency and yield from your DNA/RNA/protein/cells extractions? Use magnetic beads and move your particles instead of the liquids. With the QuickPick™ Tool you can do that.

Magnetic purification is based on coated metallic beads that attract and retain specific target molecules such as RNA, DNA, protein, protein fractions or cells.
Once the target molecules bind to the beads, a magnet is used to separate the target-retained particles from the solution. The other molecules can then be washed away from the particles.
Depending on the application, the target molecules can then, if necessary, be detached from the beads. Compared to the spinning columns, the magnetic purification is a more gentle way for sample processing, without centrifugal force. Because of the gentle processing, you will extract more intact and longer fragments therefore you will have higher quality sample input for your downstream applications.

In conventional or traditional magnetic beads extraction technologies cases, the liquids are added and removed from the particles. The disadvantage is that there will always be some residual volume left in the tube that can cause inhibition of binding efficiency in your downstream process. By moving particles there is no chance of spoilage of your precious beads and attached target.

This is why Isogen Life Science introduces the QuickPick™ Tool: a pipette-like tool with built-in magnet(s) for working with magnetic particles.The design has been optimized to work with a minimum dead volume resulting in higher efficiency and yield from your extraction.

This allows an easier and faster way of processing of your sample compared to repeated centrifugation steps of the spinning columns and conventional magnetic beads method by pipetting all liquids in advance. Additionally, you don’t have to discard your precious unbound sample anymore after the binding step as you would, using conventional methods. The QuickPick tool allows you to recycle your beads for the same sample, to maximize recovery from difficult and complex samples for a higher yield by doing the cycle again.

  Spin Column Beads particle based kit QuickPick tool based kit
Amount of extractions 50 96 96
Average% yield/sample 80 87 100
Average yield/sample 4.9 µg 5.3 µg 6.1 µg
Purity of extraction* < 1.7 < 1.7 > 1.9
*(Ratio 260280 nm corrected by 320nm absorbance)

Automation solutions

The MagRo™ robotic workstation bring the advantages of the QuickPick magnetic particle technology to automated sample purification.
Available in either 8-magnet or 96-magnet versions, and built to open design standards, the MagRo workstation is suited for a wide range of separation and purification tasks. Since the MagRo uses the exact same protocol and chemistry as the manual tool, no revalidation is needed.

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