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NanoDrop Trade-in/BMG Trade-in/Next Generation PCR

There is only One: NanoDrop One

Your old ND1000 system is worth € 1250 when you trade it for a new NanoDrop One.

What’s new in the One?

  • Now with onboard camera to check your sample for air bubbles
  • Extended dynamic range so no dilutions needed
  • Acclaro™ software to detect disturbing contaminants (* read more below)

Speed, simplicity and robust performance!

The Acclaro Contaminant ID feature gives you two important pieces of information.
First, the Contaminant ID feature identifies specific contaminants that are likely to be present in the sample. The identification of the potential contaminants in the sample can help you troubleshoot difficult extractions or purifications and make decisions regarding sample use in downstream experiments.
Second, the Contaminant ID gives you a corrected concentration. When setting up downstream reactions where DNA concentration is a critical parameter (e.g., PCR), the corrected concentration will help you ensure the success of downstream experiments.

The sensitivity of Acclaro Contaminant ID depends on the contaminant’s molar absorptivity relative to the analyte of interest (nucleic acid or protein). Phenol has a very high molar absorptivity, therefore, it takes very little phenol to affect the spectrum and generate a corrected concentration for the analyte. Protein has a low molar absorptivity relative to dsDNA, therefore, it takes a large amount of protein to affect the spectrum.

Full 30-cycle PCR in 2 minutes

Trade in one regular PCR machine and get back the capacity of three in a single Next Generation PCR instrument.

Don't believe it? Want to know more? Ask us for a demonstration.

Read more

Watch the webinar, explaining why we can really do PCR in under 10 minutes (registration required).

Trade up your plate reader

Isogen Life Science would like to offer you the exclusive chance to TRADE-UP your BMG LABTECH microplate reader!

  • Why Trade-up? Because your reader could be worth from € 3000 upwards against one of the models in the BMG LABTECH range
  • Explore new advances in cell-based assay technology
  • Simplify your workflow with fully automated analysis software
  • Achieve the best in assay sensitivity and speed

Contact us now to learn more