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HT DNA quantitation - PCR cleanup - cfDNA isolation in 4 ml - Phenol in your sample

High troughput and Accurate DNA and RNA quantification in plate readers

384 samples in as little as 14 seconds*
distinguish DNA from RNA
distinguish intact from broken DNA, ssDNA from dsDNA

Commonly, detection of DNA and RNA is done with UV absorbance at 260 nm: This is a simple and fast method and you do not need a standard curve. With our SPECTROstar Nano, down to 3 ng/µl can be detected in a 384-well plate, using only 5 µl of sample*. The software immediately shows the DNA concentration value, together with the absorbance spectrum in less than a second per sample. Additionally, we offer the possibility to measure in down to 2 µl of sample by using the LVis Plate.

In recent years, fluorescent quantification of DNA and RNA has become quite popular. These assays are not only more sensitive than absorbance assays, they are also able to differentiate between double-stranded and single-stranded DNA, as well as RNA. Fluorescent quantitation can be done with fluorescence microplate readers and needs a standard curve that can associate known concentrations to fluorescence values. Down to picograms per µl of dsDNA can be quantified in 96- or 384-well plates, due to the combination of a sensitive kit and our extremely sensitive readers. The CFR part 11 compliant software automatically calculates the DNA concentration from the standard line. Data can be exported easily.

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UV absorbance DNA quantitation
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*with the PHERAstar FSX

Clean up your PCR!

Purify DNA in your PCR reaction quickly and easily with Pure-IT Exozap!

In only 5 minutes, this clean-up will tackle your remaining obstacles, such as residual primers, single stranded DNA and left-over dNTPs.

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Offer valid until 31 December 2018

CE-IVD Automated cell-free DNA isolation for 4 ml samples

The InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG is designed for fully automated extraction and purification of cell-free circulating DNA from 4 ml of serum, plasma or urine samples. Up to 12 samples can be processed using the InviGenius® PLUS robotic platform.

  • Efficient recovery of short and fragmented cfDNA
  • High reproducibility through standardized processing
  • For In Vitro Diagnostic Use (CE-IVD)

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Phenol in your sample?

Are you sure you are measuring DNA/RNA  or protein?
Or ... are you in fact measuring contaminating phenol? Phenol has the same molar absorption coefficient as DNA and RNA at 260 and 280 nm, so how can you tell?
You can, with Acclaro Contaminant ID (present in the NanoDrop One).

Acclaro contaminant ID identifies possible sample contaminants, corrects concentrations, and offers information alerts with guided troubleshooting.

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