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Multimode Microplate Readers

We offer a wide range of multi-mode microplate readers for HTS, life science and research. Most of dedicated microplate readers are also upgradeable to powerful mulit-mode microplate readers when the need arrives. The modular concept of the multi-mode microplate readers allows additional detection modes, reagent injectors and other features to be upgraded at any time.

Detection modes include: Absorbance, AlphaScreen®, BRET, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, FRET, Luminescence, Nephelometry, Time-Resolved Fluorescence and TR-FRET.

The readers are devided into 3 series; the Optima Series, the Omega Series and the Pherastar series.

  1. The Optima series are filter based multi-mode microplate readers.
  2. The Omega Series have a tandem technology. It is utilizing an ultra-sensitive filter based detection in all detection modes and a high-speed UV/Vis Diode Array spectrometer for absorbance. The innovative Omega microplate readers are capable of capturing an absorbance spectrum (220 - 1000 nm) at a resolution of 1 nm. Read times faster than 1 second per well are possible.
  3. The Pherastar series are high-end multidetection microplate readers provide uncompromising sensitivity, speed and dynamic range. This is enhanced by assay optimized optic modules and a series of PMTs optimized for the different detection modes. Besides that, the modules can be adjusted to the optimal Z-height to have optimal sensitivity, also for very small sample volumes.

Please select your reader of interest:

Product nameDetection modes Special
CLARIOstarFluorescence Intensity including FRET
Fluorescence Polarization/Anisotropy
Luminescence(flash and glow) including BRET
Time-Resolved Fluorescence including TR-FRET
UV/Vis Absorbance Spectra
FLUOstar OmegaUV/Vis absorbance spectra
Fluorescence intensity
Time-resolved fluorescence
Luminescence (flash and glow)
Dedicated luminescence detection system
POLARstar OmegaUV/Vis absorbance spectra
Fluorescence intensity
Fluorescence polarization
Time-resolved fluorescence
Luminescence (flash and glow)
Simultaneous Dual Emission Detection of two signals for FP, BRET, and FRET assays