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The ProXima imaging platform is the fastest, most straightforward, flexible and readily upgradeable unit in its price range.Incorporating the latest advances in electronics and optics. The Proxima can handle everything from the most routine to the most demanding applications in proteomics and genomics. Proxima combines innovative technology with high performance and ease of use. The full line of upgradeable instruments (ProXima 2000 series) allows you to upgrade to higher specifications as research needs change in time

The ProXima line is designed and produced by Isogen Life Science. When it comes to developing cutting-edge imaging solutions, our philosophy is quite simply listening to the precise needs of our customers. This, combined with over two decades of experience in Life Science enables us to define the optimal solution for your application- Helping you get closer to perfection.


  • Unique small size
  • Control via touch screen or external PC
  • Unique Patented Image Positioning Tool; allows fast and easy gel handling via easy alignment, just place your sample anywhere on the transilluminator and close the cover; read more...
  • Unique one button system handling
  • Resolution suitable for each application
  • High sensitivity; specially for chemiluminescent applications
  • Excellent signal to noise ration
  • True multifluorophore capabilities through the use of patented Epivex optics
  • Fluorescence optimized
  • Save image in different file-formats
  • Free software upgrades
  • Print-out with all settings on print

Analysis of the images taken with the ProXima 2000 series can be performed with the Totallab analysis software packages

Product nameBit depthResolution Exposure time Autofocus CCD cooling zoom
CELENA® S Digital Imaging System
TotalLab Quant