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Flexible Microplate Handling System for Rapid Mid-Throughput

The Stacker is designed for integration with BMG LABTECH´s microplate readers minimizing microplate handling. It provides loading, unloading, restacking and continous feeding of up to 50 microplates. It is also possible to read single plates without using the magazines.

Software package

The Stacker Control software operates the Stacker/ reader combination: the Stacker is controlled via a serial interface and the reader is controlled via a DDE interface to the reader control program. The definition of the measurement protocol as well as the configuration of the reader is done by using the reader control software. In the Stacker control software you define the batch operation, e.g. the test name and number of plates.

User defined run scripts

Script mode allows users to write their own run scripts, which give the user unlimited flexibility. This function can be used to choose different test definitions for different plates in one batch run or to perform more than one measurement on one plate.

Barcode Reader

The Stacker is designed to read barcodes from several positions on the microplate.
The Stacker accomodates all types of microplate formats.


Operating Modes: Basic mode
Advanced mode
Plate movement
Plate Capacity: 50 microplates per magazine
Continous load feature
Detection modes: Flexible microplate handling system for rapid mid-throughput
Measurement modes: Loading, unloading, restacking and continous feeding of up to 50 microplates