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Nexterion® Slide P is one of the most recent additions to the Nexterion® coated substrate portfolio.

The active slide chemistry is developed by SCHOTT especially for the array CGH market. SCHOTT’s R&D team discovered a specific, thin film polymer coating that, in conjunction with the low auto-fluorescence glass, offers exceptionally low background by virtually eliminating non-specific binding. The slide uses an NHS ester chemistry to bind amino linked BAC, PCR or oligo probes.

Nexterion® Slide P can also be used for certain protein applications. The combination of high-density specific attachment with an extremely low back-ground results in excellent signal-to-noise ratios.

Products available online:
Slide P 3-D thin film coating, laser barcode (25) Slide P 3-D thin film coating, laser barcode (25)
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Production: float method
Type: Coated
Coating: Polymer