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Nexterion® Slide H is ideally suited for covalent immobilization of peptides and proteins such as antibodies, antibody fragments, enzymes, or receptors. In addition, amino-modified oligonucleotides (size ≥ 25 mers) can also be immobilized on the slide surface. The permeable, 3D hydrogel coating preserves the native three-dimensional structure of proteins thereby maintaining protein stability and functionality.

Nexterion® Slide H enables excellent signal-to-background ratios and exceptionally high linear dynamic ranges compared to conventional 2D coatings by a unique combination of low non-specific binding characteristics, high loading capacity, and the use of glass with low auto-fluorescence. Even very low intensity signals, such as those from low-abundance proteins or weakly expressed genes can be reliably detected and quantified. The density of the reactive groups is consistent over the entire surface and is optimized to maximize binding capacity. The reactive chemistry is stable and remains active even during very long spotting runs.

Technical Instructions for Spotting DNA Microarrays

Technical Instructions for Spotting Protein Microarrays

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Slide H MPX 16, no barcode, 5 per pack
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Production: float method
Type: Coated
Coating: Hydrogel