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About us

Our customers are the most important guideline for our activities. At Isogen Life Science they always come first.

Ever since the start of the company in 1987, our focus has been to find new and improved techniques for the scientific markets, with a focus on the Life Sciences market. We have already been part of the introduction of many different technologies that have enabled our customers to improve their work. We will, in the future, continue to seek out these innovative products and solutions.

For this we work with a team of experts that understand not only the work field, but can help our customers visualize the benefits that our products can bring to them. To underline such benefits, our sales team gladly performs a demonstration or provide customers with test samples of our products.

Our service and support team provide customers with the needed support to ensure reliable results during the life span of our products.

On this website, you will find most of Isogen Life Science’s solutions in today’s life science workflows. Their presentation has been categorized according to the logical workflow we have learned from working with our customers.

I trust that we have made the website more than only a series of product presentations, but also a guideline for future solutions for today’s problems, to get from sample to result.

As always, we welcome any and all comments and look forward to working with you.

Kind regards,

Martin Donker
President and CEO
Isogen Life Science B.V.

Isogen Life Science is ISO 9001:2008 certified
Certificate in English
Certificate in Dutch