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EZ Read 400 Datasheet EZ Read 400 Datasheet

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The EZ Read 400 is a PC-controlled, single channel, filter-based microplate reader designed for ELISA, protein, and cell biology-based absorbance assays.

Key Features

  • Filter-based microplate reader configured to meet your application needs, including options for ELISA assays, protein assays and cell biology assays.
  • PC-controlled instrument supplied with ADAP Basic PC software which is used for instrument control and export of raw data to Microsoft® Excel for further analysis.
  • USB connections for ease of use
  • Choice of easy-to-use ADAP data analysis software packages to suit your application requirements
  • Ergonomically designed instrument to minimize bench space required
  • Ability to perform single or dual wavelength measurements to incorporate reference wavelength readings
  • Readings can be performed at timed intervals, ideal for kinetic assays
  • QC plate is available for instrument validation


Wavelength range: 400 - 750 nm
Light source: Tungsten halogen lamp
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Microplate Formats: 96 wells
Channels: 1
Detection modes: Absorbance
Measurement modes: Kinetics, Endpoint