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The new standard for stand-alone microplate reader

The Expert Plus microplate reader is a stand alone product that combines a large graphics display with easy to use yet powerful on-board software, making it ideal for use in any laboratory performing ELISA and other microplate assays. It can perform single- and dual wavelength endpoint and kinetics measurements.

Up to 100 sets of measured data as well as up to 130 methods can be stored and recalled for later use.


  • Standalone microplate reader supplied with 4 filters (405, 450, 492, 620 nm)
  • Multichannel reading, ideal for labs requiring simple rapid reading of microplates
  • Both onboard and PC software options for flexibility in analytical requirements
  • QC plate and QC software for instrument validation for peace of mind
  • Designed for simple rapid absorbance assays

The Expert Plus is a standalone modern design multi-channel microplate reader, for fast plate reading of 96 well, flat, round and v-bottomed plates. The Expert Plus has four shaking modes for mixing of solutions and the ability to perform readings at timed intervals ideal for kinetic assays.

Four filters are supplied as standard that cover common absorbance assays. Filters from 400 up to 800 nm can be purchased separately when more specialised assays are required.

Choose the software options to meet your needs

The Expert Plus has onboard software for instrument control and data analysis. The onboard software enables instrument control, complete plate setup, plus qualitative, quantitative and kinetics, and a range of curve fit methods, including parabolic, cubic, point to point, spline and 4 parameter fit. Assay formulas can also be setup including validation outliers, elimination, transformation factors and floating cut-offs.

The onboard software can store upto 120 methods and the results of upto 100 plates.

PC-control of the Expert Plus for additional analytical capabilities

The standalone Expert Plus can be operated in remote mode using PC software. The instrument is supplied with DigiRead which can control the plate reader and allow raw data to be transferred to a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and Control Plus PC software which simulates the onboard software and allows both methods and raw data to be uploaded and downloaded to and from a PC.

Optional PC software packages:

  • KIM is a data reduction package including end-point assay requirements for 96-well plates, and the ability to design bespoke reports
  • MikroWinTM 2000 is an advanced software option available in modules of increasing complexity and capability for quantitative, qualitative, and kinetic assays.


Designed for ELISA's, enzyme immunoassays, protein quantitation (BCA, Lowry, Bradford), cell proliferation, and cell survival assays, plus cell based assays where shaking is required to keep cells in suspension, enzyme kinetic assays, and high throughput assays where rapid plate reading is required.


Wavelength range: 400 - 800nm
Light source: Halogen lamp
Optics: Filter
Detector: 8-channel optical system with self calibration and digital light control
Microplate Formats: 96 well
Channels: 8
Reading Speed (96-well): 5 sec for single-wavelength measurement
Absorbance range: 0.000 - 4.000OD
Wavelength selection: Up to 6 filters
Detection modes: Absorbance
Measurement modes: Kinetics & endpoint