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ATP assays

The reagent includes a unique ATP Standard that is stabilized in liquid to ensure accuracy of each luminometer reading. Calibration with internal Standard ATP accounts for variations between luminometers, inhibition or quenching of light from the sample and sensitivity of reagents. This eliminates the need for creating a standard curve for each series or readings.

Reagents and kits for measuring ATP

AdensosineTriPhosphate is a molecule present in all living cells. It has the function of energy currency in all processes within the cell. by the firefly luciferaseLuciferases are enzymes that emit light. The luciferase BioThema uses is originally derived from the firefly. reaction with application for:

  • Rapid microbiology
  • Cell counting
  • Enzymatic & metabolite monitoring
  • Hygiene control
  • Immuno assays
  • Reporter assays
  • Cell proliferation & cytotoxicity
  • Biomedicine
  • HTS drug discovery

All the single components of the kits can be purchased separately.

For detection of the chemiluminescent signal consider a luminescent cuvette reader or luminescent luminescent plate reader.