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Flexibility and precision in microplate washing

The Atlantis microplate washer is renowned for its excellent price/performance ratio.

Equipped with features usually only available as optional extras, the Atlantis is the ultimate choice for discerning laboratories. Operation is simple, with the two line alphanumeric display and 5 soft keys for easy programming; the Atlantis allows up to 50 wash programmes and 20 plate types to be permanently stored. In addition, the plate carrier is detachable for cleaning and the quick changing of manifolds simplifies the use for different plate types. The unique manifold position sensor allows a precise height adjustment which minimises residual volumes. Digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps provide high accuracy and low noise levels.


Wash programs: up to 50
Wash cycles: up to 20
Microplate Formats: 96-well and 384-well; up to 20 plate types can be defined and stored
Wash liquid channels: 2 standard, 4 optional
Dispensing accuracy: < 5% at 300 µl
Aspiration time: 0 - 10s
Soak time: up to 1000s
Shaking: 0 - 10s
Shake speed: software adjustable
Manifold: 1 x 8, 1 x 12, 1 x 16 (for 384-well plates)