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Absorbance Microplate Readers UV

Absorbance determines the optical density of your product, by measuring how much of the initial (100%) light is transmitted through the sample: the loss in amount of transmitted light is related to the concentration of the molecule of interest.

It is important to know the spectral range for your application as well as the type of optics needed. The choice is between a filter, monochromator or diode array based wavelength selector.

Filters and monochromators select the wavelength prior to the sample; the diode array splits the light after the sample and uses an array of detectors. For sensitive measurement it is advised to work with a system which selects the wavelength prior to the sample, for quick full spectrum measurement and flexibility, a diode array is preferred.

We offer a variety of dedicated and multi-mode microplate reader solutions for reading absorbance assays. Due to the modular concept of many of the microplate readers, they can be upgraded to include not only absorbance but numerous other detection modes when the need arrives. All systems can be used for Well scanning, kinetic and endpoint measurements.

Product nameWavelength range Special Upgrade
Zenyth 200190 - 1000 nmBuild in UV/Vis spectrophotometerADAP 2.0 Prisma for integrate analyis methods with measurements
SPECTROstar Omega220 - 1000 nmUp to two integrated reagent injectorsUpgradeable to FLUOstar
or POLARstar Omega
SPECTROstar Nano220 - 1000 nmCuvette port for standard
and low volume cuvettes,
volume down to 2 ul
LVisplate for microliter measurements