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1D Electrophoresis

One dimensional electrophoresis can be performed on nucleic acids and proteins. One very famous 1D application is the so called sub-marine electrophoresis in which nucleic acids are separated on their length. The sub-marine application is performed on a horizontal electrophoresis system; they are available in many sizes depending on the requested throughput.

Beside horizontal there is vertical electrophoresis, horizontal is mostly done with agarose gels, vertical is done with poly acryl amide that is why it is often referred to as PAGE (poly acryl amide gel electrophoresis). Depending on the amount of samples and further applications there are electrophoresis systems in different sizes available. Some of the horizontal systems have an accessory to perform tank blotting.

With 1D electrophoresis one can also perform separation on charge to determine the iso electric point of proteins, there is one specific application 2D electrophoresis in which the first dimension is IEF on a horizontal system.